Source code (GIT) – preferred for latest fixes

Browse GIT repositories for s3cmd, and Download a ZIP of the current master branch.

If you’re about to help with development check out the source tree to your machine by forking it first in github, then checking out your personal fork, pushing changes back to branches in your personal fork, and filing pull requests on github.

RPM Repositories – Ready to install packages

THESE ARE OUT-OF-DATE. Really, use a copy from GIT above.

- Users of Suse (Novell) and RedHat based Linux distributions are encouraged to add our package repository to their package managers. That way you’ll always stay up to date with your s3cmd package. Click here for more details

Have you considered PayPal or CreditCard donation towards developer’s expenses? Check out our Supporters and add your name to the list!

Official release source code downloads

Download here

Send us a feedback if things work or not quite work for you! See Contact page for details.

By Michal Ludvig for TGRMN Software on 22 August 2008